Innovation in Healthcare

 The Foundation is interested in non-invasive initiatives that address the whole person.  The health care industry is in need of innovations that recognize and leverage consumers’ growing sense of empowerment, that do not require long periods for FDA approval, that are not overly hindered by government regulation, and that show long-term cost-effectiveness.  The Foundation looks for initiatives that integrate advanced technology in treatment and healing, particularly in the area of mental health prevention and care.

Grantee Spotlight: Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Focused Ultrasound is the marriage of two innovative technologies: focused ultrasound—which provides the energy to treat tissue deep in the body precisely and noninvasively; and magnetic resonance or ultrasound imaging—which is used to identify and target the tissue to be treated. The fundamental principle is analogous to using a magnifying glass to focus beams of sunlight on a single point to burn a hole in a leaf.

With focused ultrasound, an acoustic lens is used to concentrate beams of ultrasound on a target deep in the body to treat various neurological, oncological, musculoskeletal, urological, and other disorders. Focused ultrasound treatments can be performed on an outpatient basis, require no incisions, and can result in minimal discomfort and few complications, allowing for rapid recovery.

Click here for a list of the numerous medical conditions that are being treated in trials using focused ultrasound.

Grantee Spotlight: Centerstone Research Institute

Centerstone is one of the largest, private, not-for-profit healthcare providers in the U.S. It specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with mental illness, addictions, traumas, and intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Centerstone‘s mission is to provide clients with treatment that is accessed more quickly and easily and treatment that is targeted and tailored to individual needs, goals and life.

Centerstone‘s Research Institute identifies the best of industry-proven, high-value practices and provides expert vetting of newly emerging and promising practices in order to bridge the gaps between innovation, evidence, and practice.  While providing in-depth monitoring and evaluation of practitioners and programs operating throughout five states, Centerstone also creates and pilots new models of care, including the  integration of technology and mobile health tools and applications into mental health care.